When you click on the site www.facebook.com, you do not just click on the site; you click on an experience.. an experience which takes the form of an addiction in so many cases.

Back in 2004, when the term social networking was not even coined or even thought of, there began a saga in the Harvard corridors in the net space of all Harward students. The precursor to www.facebook.com was already in making.

History of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg from the University developed a website where he used pictures of Harvard students and asked others to play the game of "hot or not" with different pairs of pictures. Now Zuckerberg had stolen those pictures from the Harvard server having the student database. The result was that he was expelled temporarily.

Once he joined back, he continued to follow his passion to create and evolve the software and make it much more user friendly. Thus evolved "the facebook". However, in 2005, the site we have known for years together came to existence; viz. www.facebook.com.

www.facebook.com login

Facebook itself has its help centre to provide guidelines to a new user to assist him/ her in signing in for facebook. The following are simple steps to login to Facebook
(a) Go to the facebook site and look at the right above corner
(b) Enter your name and email address or phone number.
(c) Enter your password
(d) Press the 'Log in' button
(e) You are now succesfully logged in to your Facebook account

History of Facebook login

The rest, as they say, is history! Initially, access to www.facebook.com was limited to Harward students but soon the high school students and the students at the university at Stanford, Yale, Columbia, MIT, Boston, etc could login or get access to www.facebook.com! Eventually, all universities in Canada and the US, had students accessing this initial version of Facebook. In September 2006, the access to www.facebook.com was made public and anyone of the age of 13 years or more with a valid email address could become its member!

Today Private core, Oculus VR, What's App and Instagram are subsidiaries of Facebook and needless to say these are very famous in their own right. The company is registered on NASDAQ with an IPO (Initial Public Offering) that was made in 2012.

www.facebook.com sign up

Facebook itself has its help centre to provide guidelines to a new user to assist him/ her in signing up for facebook. The following are simple steps to sign up and creates new Facebook account:
(a) Go to the facebook site and tap "Create New Account"
(b) Enter your name and email address or phone number.
(c) Enter other details like gender, birthday, etc.
(d) Decide and enter your secret question and answer.
(e) Type a password with 6 or more characters. The aim should be to use an alpha numeric combo password together with few special characters. This will safeguard against a password being hacked.
(f) Finally tap sign up. Post this you will have to confirm your email address or phone number whatever you have entered. You will receive either an email or a text message to confirm the same.

History of Facebook sign up

Once you sign up for facebook, by registering on www.facebook.com, you are inducted into a world of unique experiences. You can add your profile picture, post a status update, send and accept friend requests and do a whole gamut of activities that get you enthralled and engrossed in this world of social networking via www.facebook.com.
What is more, innovation and research are a constant and ongoing process in Facebook. This explains how www.facebook.com gives you some different experience every time you login. New look, new features, new apps, new associations and new security measures are constantly being developed and hyped to make the www.facebook.com an enriching experience with each passing day.