Sign up for Facebook

The natural predecessor to first time login to Facebook is to have the very basic thing; an existing account in Facebook. The very process of creating an account is the biggest high for any new user whether he/she be a teenager or an older person. A sign up for Facebook, hence, is not just a sum total of procedures but also an emotional experience, an adrenalin booster! Needless to say, the social networking experience was actually started by Facebook, from where it spread its tentacles to various other domains of e commerce, of other websites, of various apps, of a plethora of games, etc

Requirements for Facebook sign up

When you want to sign up for Facebook, there is a social need to arrive as your best. It may be that you are a dormant user but having a Facebook account post the age of 13 years is a social must. Hence, the importance of a sign up for Facebook. While the mechanics of a sign up are easy, it is important to take care of two things; viz. The flaunt factor and your security and privacy. Needless to say you will have your best pictures lined up to get the maximum number of likes to your profile pictire. You also have on your mind who you will send your first friend request to.

How to sign up for Facebook

Facebook itself has its help centre to provide guidelines to a new user to assist him/ her in signing up for facebook. The following are simple steps to sign up and creates new Facebook account:
(a) Go to the facebook site and tap "Create New Account"
(b) Enter your name and email address or phone number.
(c) Enter other details like gender, birthday, etc.
(d) Decide and enter your secret question and answer.
(e) Type a password with 6 or more characters. The aim should be to use an alpha numeric combo password together with few special characters. This will safeguard against a password being hacked.
(f) Finally tap sign up. Post this you will have to confirm your email address or phone number whatever you have entered. You will receive either an email or a text message to confirm the same.


How to protect your Facebook account

While the excitement of being on Facebook for the first time is a big high, one should not forget to step in the social networking domain with proper security cushioning. You may not need complex solutions from different sites to begin with. Facebook's own set of security and privacy settings is of great help.
For security and privacy settings when you sign up for Facebook, here are the steps to follow:
(a) Tap the square with horizontal bars and scroll to the bottom.
(b) There you need to click on Account Settings.
(c) This will have the options of-
     * Name and email address
     * Security settings
     * Privacy settings
(d) By choosing the required option, the required security and privacy updation is possible.