In reality, there is no official expression on Facebook by the name facebooklogin or for that matter Facebook login. Officially, the term used for this is Facebook Authentication. It was also referred to as Facebook Connect for the server to server technology.

Facebooklogin and Login approvals

An added security feature similar to login notifications is that of Login approvals. Simply put, you yourself will approve your login by the use of a security code known just to you. Here when you turn on login approvals, you are required to enter a specific security code whenever you will access your Facebook account from any different computer or new mobile device. This code is sent to the mobile number you have entered. This gives added security to your account every time you want to login.
To turn on Login approvals for your Facebooklogin or rather Facebook login, you need to go again to Account settings and choose and click on Security. There you get the option of Login Approvals.

Advantages of Facebooklogin

Advantages of Login Approvals during any Facebooklogin by the user:

(a) Double password system- This is best described as two way password system which automatically creates more security.
(b) Hacking of two codes is difficult- The hacker needs to hack the security code first and then the password to access your account. Alternatively, the hacker needs to steal your phone to get the security code first before hacking your password, so, the process becomes tedious, making your Facebook login experience more safe and secure.
(c) Mobile alert- If someone tries to make a Facebooklogin to your account from a different computer, you will get alerted automatically as a security code will be sent to your mobile.

www.facebook.com login

Facebook itself has its help centre to provide guidelines to a new user to assist him/ her in signing in for facebook. The following are simple steps to login to Facebook
(a) Go to the facebook site and look at the right above corner
(b) Enter your name and email address or phone number.
(c) Enter your password
(d) Press the 'Log in' button
(e) You are now succesfully logged in to your Facebook account

Facebooklogin mobile

If you want to get a secure Facebooklogin, by opting for login approvals in your Android phone or tablet, all you need to do is to use a Code Generator on your Android phone or tablet to manually generate the code. The first step to doing this is to install the Facebook for android App. Once this is done, the App can be launched and the Code Generator can be activated. Here again, the security code will be sent to your mobile. You can then make a facebooklogin by entering the code instead of your password.

Facebooklogin problems

If there is a problem in login to Facebook, it may be due to multiple reasons; viz.
(a) Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have blocked you.
(b) Your administrator may have blacklisted Facebook in your network, which is why it may have been blocked.
(c) Requirement to clear your sstem cache. One way here is to use another browser (other than the one being used usually and/ or repeatedly for Facebook login). E.g. if you use internet explorer, you may alternatively, use google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Dolphin, Safari, etc. If this does not work, you may choose to clear history of at least one day.
This way, Facebooklogin to homepage is facilitated.