Facebook mobile login page

Here is the multi crore worth option of downloading the Facebook app for your mobile. The Facebook mobile login page is an easy access to your Facebook account directly via your mobile. Again, with this app, you get deeply integrated to Facebook via your mobile. You do not need to login everytime you want to access your account or do anything related to its features.

Facebook login on mobile

Facebook mobile login page can be reached by going to this page. The site opened is https://m.facebook.com/mobile/. It gives a prompt of "install now". By clicking on this option, the Facebook mobile app can be downloaded on your phone. Then as per the facility of your data plan, you can access this app with just a click. And your whole world of Facebook features is just a click away.

Facebook app

This feature is an added advantage. It is not just available for mobile but also for smartphones using Android and iOS softwares. Today, more than 50% of the Facebook access crowd at a given point in time is accessing it through mobile. Hence, the requirement to create separate Facebook apps for different mobile devices, iPads, iOS and Android mobiles and the need to create the Facebook mobile login page.

Facebook easy mobile login

This feature was introduced by Facebook to ease out login on mobile. This helped the user in that he/ she did not require to remember his password and go through the onerous login procedure every time he/ she wanted to login to Facebook. However, this feature was a predecessor to now available Facebook Apps which are so user friendly and easy to access and give you the added benefit of staying on your device as an icon which just needs to be clicked to access the Facebook account.