Facebook login and password

The very first step to sign up for facebook is possible by having your own password; your own secret code to enter into and access your account. Every time you need to login to your facebook account, you have to type your password. Most of your other site and Apps logins are also through Facebook login these days.
Hence, the password is of prime importance right from the inception of the Facebook account. So, it is important to create a password that is not just easy to remember but also strong enough so that chances of it being hacked are minimized.

How to make a strong Facebook password

(a) The password should be at least 6 characters or more long.
(b) It should be a unique and complex combination of alpha numeric and special characters with a mix of upper case and lower case letters.
(c) The Facebook password should be unique. It should not have been used as your email or bank or any other password.

How to change your Facebook password

If you have forgotten the password for facebook login, you should go to the reset password option and change the same. You will get an email confirmation. If, however, you can sense any security threat, the best option is to change password by going to Account Settings.

Facebook login without password: Is it possible?

One method to make facebook login without password is to type the email then type a random password. Post this, a right click will give you an inspect element option. Click on inspect element and type text where password is. And the login to Facebook is done without having to type password! Not just these, ethical or unethical, the net is splurged with videos on how to login to facebook without using password