Download Facebook

Today downloading Facebook is very important since there is a plethora of devices on which Facebook is accessed. You PC is not the only place. The tab, iPad, Android smartphone, all need a specific version of Facebook to be downloaded so that the version is compatible to the software of your device and makes functioning easier and user friendly. Apart from this, you can also:
(a) download Facebook chat
(b) download Facebook messenger
(c) download Facebook for blackberry
(d) download Facebook album etc.

Download Facebook chat

It is so tedious and long drawn to go and login to Facebook just to open your chat and chat with your friends. Hence, Facebook gives this short cut alternative. This is to go and download the Facebook chat itself on your desktop. The chat then appears as a window on your desktop which you can minimize or maximize to chat with online friends.

Download Facebook messenger

If chat is not the only thing you want, there are apps to download almost all features of the Facebook on your device. You can use any of the features without having to login to Facebook every time. Messenger is an instant as well as secure way of reaching out to people you want to connect with.
(a) You can text for free (of course by paying for the data plan as per data usage)
(b) Chat with groups
(c) Send stickers and breathe in life into your messages
(d) Send pictures privately
(e) Send free voice messages
(f) Make free calls even to friends in other countries
(g) Always stay logged in to be updated on what is happening
(h) Know when people have seen your messages
(i) Share your location
(j) Effortlessly know who is active on Facebook and Messenger and when, etc. There is also the option of turning off notifications when you want to relax or take a break or need some personal time. This way downloading facebook app helps you stay logged in always and reach out to Facebook frequently without login hassles.