Delete Facebook

If you want to delete your Facebook account, few things should be considered before that; viz.
(a) Make a note of all such sites or apps that you used to go to using Facebook login
(b) Now you have to visit the Facebook Account Deletion page
(c) The final step is to delete by clicking on the permanently delete option.

How to delete your Facebook account

For this you will have to go the Facebook Account deletion page and request to have your account permanently deleted..

Effects of deleting Facebook account permanently

Once deleted, you may not be able to reactivate your account or retrieve anything you have entered. For this, it is always safe practice to take a back up of the required data on Facebook before you choose to delete the Facebook account. For this, relevant Facebook entries may be downloaded and then the deletion process can be initiated with no option for recovery being chosen.

Once you choose to delete your Facebook account, it may take a period of upto 90 days to totally deactivate and remove your account. Following this, no one will be able to see anything you have posted or any photo you have uploaded or any other feature used by you. Even during this 90 day period, no one will have access to your posts, updates, etc on Facebook.

Stages in deletion of Facebook account

Once you have gone to the Facebook Account Deletion page and requested for a permanent deletion of your account, this is what happens:
(a) Deactivation period- For about two weeks, the account in question remains deactivated.
(b) No login- During this period, one should not login to the account else the deletion request is no longer active and the Facebook account is not deleted thereafter.
(c) No deactivation request to be accepted- Any prompt to deactivate the account is misleading and should be avoided. Deactivation is not the same as deletion. Deletion removes the account totally where as deactivation only puts the account in a deactivated or dormant zone for a certain time period.
(d) Post two weeks- After this time period, your account will be deleted. It may take upto 90 days though to delete the account.
(e) What remains- Usually, the messages sent to others remain in their message inbox even after the Facebook account of the person who sent the messages is deleted.
Thus, the Facebook experience is a an experience to grace. You can safely conclude that in the domain of social networking sites, the Facebook experience is a 'gracebook' experience!