Login Facebook

From those days of just being a more energetic younger sibling of orkut to being the largest uncut social media diamond, from offering IPOs to entering the trading zone and introducing the "buy" button, Facebook sure has come a long way. There was a time somewhere in 2006 when everytime you thought of facebook login, you visited a homepage splashed with personal bio-data of Zuckerberg. Once upon a time the coolest thing would be to login to Facebook. You would flaunt being an avid FBite. Now, things have changed. Facebook has lost its initial sheen with the advent and rage in the use of other social networking sites like twitter, instagram and the like.

However, research says that this is just a perception. In reality, as per sources, the number of new users logging in has been increasing drastically, every year. As on 28 October, 2014, 864 million people log onto facebook daily, which represents a 19% increase year over year! It is estimated that every second 5 new profiles are created on Facebook! As on 28 January, 2015, you as a  valuable user have contributed by logging in to Facebook in a way that its revenue has gone up by 49% in the 4th quarter! This when Facebook does not charge users for its services! All it does is to sell advertising to target users. Even as you read this, many a 13+ year olds are waiting to be inducted into the facebook domain to make their first login to facebook and thinking of making the most interesting profile!!

History of Facebook

  i.        For teens and new users: In 2014, Facebook introduced the Friend Verifier which goes through a teen’s friend list to check any matches in the National Sex Offender Registry. So, now the parents can heave a sigh of relief when their teens login to Facebook! The experience is not just virtual but real too. Teen in and around Silicon Valley can physically login to Facebook, meaning to say, Facebook offers the finest and the most highly paid internships to high school teens! This adds a personal element to the social networking site making it ever popular among teens.
  ii.        For mobile users: The number of apps is increasing since about 50% Facebook users are mobile users. In 2014, it launched the updated version of its application, the page manager, for its Android and iOS. Users. Not just this, Facebook has introduced a new Facebook Messenger App for iPad!
   iii.        For businesses: It is no longer about irritating pop ups once you login to Facebook. There is fun and excitement in the content that draws you to business. Then Facebook has introduced the “buy” button to directly buy from featured sites without leaving the facebook site.

Use Facebook login for other services

Easy navigation and security: Facebook login can be conveniently used now to gain access to numerous other sites. In fact, research data says, 60% of logins are via Facebook. Barring few security issues of this kind of social login (particularly www.facebook.com entrar direto), which are being addressed successfully, this procedure of making a facebook login to other websites is relatively safe since it saves the user from password leaks which have off late been plaguing the websites, since here the password does not reach out to the accessed website.

How Facebook secures the login process

Constant research and updating of content and processes: Facebook has effectively clamped spams. Not just this there are hundreds of versions of Facebook in use at a single point in time, because the research process is continuing and ongoing. When you like a particular thing or click on a news feed and go out of the site to read it, Facebook will still have a record of the same and can come back with updated information when you login to Facebook again!

How to login to your Facebook account

While this may seem to be the simplest to do on earth, this can have many variants. The usual method is to go to the site, type email address, username or mobile number whichever is connected to your account and then type the password before pressing the login button

But here too, users have found out so many tricks and variants. In one of the blogs, an user claimed to have developed an algorithm to login to facebook without having to type the password. This may be of great use for people who keep forgetting their passwords because they tend to change them too often.

However, this is not the only way possible. There are other simpler and trusted ways to login to Facebook without typing password and these methods may not even involve remembering complex algorithms and procedures. Facebook itself has inbuilt yet unknown to all options wherein the login without password is just few clicks away by using the options available on Facebook itself. Hence a login to Facebook even without passord is also possible.

However, this also is a danger signal about how insecure a facebook login is and how vulnerable it is to hackers. Nevertheless, facebook makes robust security arrangement an ongoing research process to step up security with every passing day. Also, facebook itself has its own Facebook Help Centre to assist the users in the login process, in resetting passwords, in elaborating different procedures to assist login, etc.

Facebook login mobile

For mobile users, the requirement is to download the facebook app from the app store. It will give direct access to facebook without having to go to the mobile browser. Only for the first time, the login to facebook requires typing email or mobile number with the password. For all respective times, all you need to do is to click on the app and get direct access to facebook.

Facebook MessengerHow Facebook login works

(i) For different sites: The idea and logic behind use of facebook login for different websites is simple. The user goes to facebook and makes a login. Facebook then transmits information to the server of the concerned website about the legitimacy of the person logging in. Facebook also gives other required information which would otherwise be filled up separately in case of independent login to the site. It signals the site that this login is the 4568xxxxxxx th user. So, the site gets all the benefits of keeping a record of the user and his/ her requirements. It can make a database of the users. So, next time when Facebook login is made by user no. 4568xxxxxxx, one signal of Facebook can help the website track down all information about the user stacked in its database. This makes follow up conversation with users very easy.

(ii) For different apps: We live in a world of apps. There are apps for shopping, for cabs, for jobs, for games, for astro, for almost every small thing. What is more there are multiple apps just to know about other apps and yet another series of apps to compare other apps! Woof! The apps world today is infinite and continues to expand exponentially. Now imagine if we need a separate set of username and password for each such app, how much tedious it will get to login.
For this, now the facebook login is perfect. Facebook login is used by top apps on both iOS and Android. No need of filling out long forms. Nor is there any requirement of creating separate username and password. A Facebook login is enough. Another feature of a facebook login for any app is that you can decide whether or not to share it with your friends. You may also opt to skip sharing the app altogether. So, it is your discretion on one hand and on the other hand, by choosing to share, you popularize the app. Here lies the beauty of a facebook login.

Facebook login notifications

Facebook has this unique login feature; viz. Login alerts. This is an added security feature. When you turn on Facebook login alerts, it enables you to receive mobile alerts or email or notifications everytime any person logs into your account from a new place.

How to turn on Facebook login alerts

You need to access the square with horizontal bars once you login to facebook. Then you can reach the bottom of the menu to click on Account Settings > Security. There choose and click on Login Alerts and choose the type if alert you want. Just in case you receive a login alert from an unfamiliar browser or location, you just need to follow the instructions. These will be required to reset your password and secure your account.

Here is how the login on Facebook can work wonders. Now with respect to Facebook logins to different apps, people may not like to share the information in their Facebook account in different apps. For this, some enhanced security and privacy options have come up. These are:
(i) Anonymous login: This gives users an option to use an app without sharing any of their personal information on Facebook with any app.
(ii) Updated Facebook login: This one is a better version of the original Facebook login. It helps people to individually decide what all pieces of information can be shared in different apps when a Facebook login is made.